In the Mix 04 - AZreal [Edmonton]

"In the Mix" is curated to give artist the freedom to express his emotions musically. In this edition we present you a long time advocate of progressive music, man behind the True North Music, Darren Brule. He knows our love for extended mix and he decided to give us a 4+ hour journey of pure rabbit hole vibes.

AZreal always finds a way to take you on a deep journey through the dark, twisting you through several dimensions of the progressive wormhole; popping you out just in time for the sunrise

AZreal has been involved in the online radio scene for 17 years contributing to 6 stations along the way

He is also the owner of recently celebrating its 3 year anniversary; as well as spearheading a promotional company called True North Music Group. Influences from the late 90’s electronica scene and the beginning of Trance really aides in the ability to mix all genres. With a passion for the music, and a feel for the audience he really gets you lost in the journey.


01. Dark Matter - When The World Decided To Stop

02. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Tiger (Subside Remix)

03. Kliment - Origins (Anthony G Remix)

04. Mike Koglin, Movement Machina - Sphere (Movement Machina Remix)

05. Vincent Vandamm - Clueless (Original Mix)

06. Ziger - Digital Dreams (Afterhours Mix)

07. Allies For Everyone, Balad - Waking (Original Mix)

08. Nick Devon - Adaptation

09. Arm In Arm - Warrior Spirit (Ryan Murgatroyd Remix)

10. Ninesh Babu - Kailash (Original Mix)

11. Sudhaus, The Wash - Meridian

12. Ryan Hill - Silent Speaking

13. Klankveld - Evolve

14. Zacharias Tiempo - Mitte (Gians Remix)

15. Monojoke - La Bodega (Tim Aaron Remix)

16. Coccolino Deep - Lost

17. Pablo Bolivar - Kuiu (Agatha Pher Remix)

18. Paul Hamilton, Celene - Lost Cultures

19. Ewan Rill - Cute Beast (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)

20. Basil O'glue - Novem

21. Futur-E - Acrobat

22. Moshic - Mol-Do-Va (Original Mix)

23. Jack Lazarus - Radiant (Original Mix)

24. Steve Slight, Mxv, Donny Carr - Return To Base (Donny Carr Remix)

25. Cirez D - Valborg

26. Nohak - Nano (Drumstone Remix)

27. Hollt - Halos

28. D-Formation, Grazze - Carte Blanche

29. Paul Anthonee - Madrigal (Arash Shadram Remix)

30. Allies For Everyone - Will It Scar

31. Eddi Irmak - King Of Kings

32. Fran&Co - Lydia (Room Service Remix)

33. Matan Caspi - Mannequin (Original Mix)

34. Maribou State - Rituals (Sasha Remix)

35. Guy J - Beast Of Sea

36. Amir Hussain - Scarlett (Miika Kuisma Remix)

37. Durante, Hana - Days Pass (Extended Mix)

38. Dune - Echo Peaks (Extended Mix)

39. Ross Quinn - Away With Me (Fideles Remix – Extended)

40. Temple One - Santiago (Slam Duck Remix)

41. Basil O'glue, Ziger - Sycophants (Ziger Remix)

42. Steven Hays, Solanca - Somebody (Solanca Extended Mix)

43. Ryan Hill - Acacia

44. Fuenka - Ion

45. Suzé - Voice Of The Ego (Original Mix)

46. Camelphat, Yannis - Hypercolour (Artbat Remix)

47. Justin Michael Feat. Aj From Saint Motel - Eyes Closed (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)



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