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In the Mix 06 - Luciano Scheffer [Brazil]

We are super excited to bring you a little flavor from Brazil in our latest mix 🇧🇷

Thank you Luciano Scheffer for such a deep groovy mix.

An artist, who has always been closely linked to electronic music, developing his musical taste and polishing it since 2015.

Every month has its podcast "Profile" broadcast by radio proton and is also one of the idealizers of the Inprogress (@inprogressbrasil) project!

Luciano Scheffer, DJ and Producers with style floating between the progressive house and techno, always with hypnotic sounds and deep atmosphere. His tracks have been supported by Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Marcelo Vasami, Dj Ogawa, Aly & Fila, Airwave, Rubem de Ronde, Fernando Ferreyra, Frangellico, Mariano Melino, Nicolas Petracca, Guhus, Lucas Rossi, Alec Araujo, Fernando Goraieb, Gui Milani and others!

Already released tracks on labels like Onedotsixtwo, Visceral, Balkan Connection, Or Two Strangers, Balkan Connection South America, Clubsonica Records, Wizarding Wolf, Strangers Beats, Transensations Records, Stellar Fountain, Electronic Tree, Suffused Music, BC2, Massive Harmony Records, Just Movement, PHW Elements, Droid9, Nube Music Records, Zephyr Music, Consapevole Recordings, 3xA Music, Sever Records, Varona Label.


1. Balad - A Half Remembered Dream (Zone+ Remix)

2. Josta - White Plains (Original Mix)

3. Balad - A Half Remembered Dream (Original Mix)

4. Gamba - Endor Moon (Silinder Remix)

5. Kandar - My Life Rules (GMJ Remix)

6. Lautaro Irrazabal & Mateo Lucas - Century (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)

7. Shai T - Illusions (Original Mix)

8. Luciano Scheffer & Jjulian Nates - ID (Original Mix)

9. Nicolas Benedetti & Fer De Risio - Air Vision (Juan Ibanez Remix)

10. TEELCO - Yugen (Original Mix)








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