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In the Mix 01- Jason Brauer [Vancouver]

Soundscape Underground welcomes Vancouver's veteran DJ Jason Brauer for the first episode of "In the Mix".

"In the Mix" series is curated for the love of progressive dance music, mixed by up coming producers and DJ's as well as some of the well established names in the global underground scene.

Never one to play music which was popular, he's always looking for something different and unique

Records from Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and others were on heavy rotation as a kid, and it all came to a boil in around 1990 when the first heard an 808 State record in his highschool computer lab. At the same time he was experimenting with his Commodore Amiga and sequencers, the fire was lit and the journey began.

It would be a few years later before he finally got his Technics 1200s, and the curating of music he'd been exposed to in his home town of Vancouver. Jam & Spoon, Jaydee, B.B.E., The Crystal Method, Moby, were all on his mind. Jason also drew heavy inspiration from the progressive house sounds of Sasha and John Digweed, Dave Seaman, and quickly found his music niche as a DJ. The Global Underground mixes from Ibiza, Sydney, and Cape Town were the textbooks that he studied relentlessly.

With a weekly residency on, its his outlet to gather the newest records, and play for an engaging audience, staying away from the "normal" music still. Not being able to play out in 2020 as much as he would like, playing live has changed. He's made some great friends though the magic of live streaming and virtual events, and is looking forward to more.

Jason cares a lot about his music, and you'll be sure to tell when you are in a mix with him, as he takes you along for the ride. Expect something different, and you'll get good music with less hassle.


1. Solaris Dreams (Breaks Version) - Plu-Ton [BC2 Records]

2. Coruscans (Original Mix) - Tomas Guerrero [Strangers Beats]

3. Cerebro (Ewan Rill Remix) - Gabriel Filip & Jonathan Reyes [Droid9 Records]

4. Tranquility in Chaos (Kay-D Remix) - Graviton [Massive Harmony Records]

5. Tranquility in Chaos (Static Guru Remix) - Graviton [Massive Harmony Records]

6. Fluque (Audioglider Remix) - Micah & Kiz Pattison [Pangea Recordings]

7. Fiend (Original Mix) - Alex O'Rion [Movement Recordings]

8. Prototondio (Original Mix) - Mick Whitehouse [Balkan United]

9. Elixir (Original Mix) - Samer Tinoco [Superordinate Music]

10. Doctor Käfer (Original Mix) - Robert Babicz [Dirtcuts]

11. Dominate (Original Mix) - Axel Zambrano [Balkan United]

12. Arquivo X (Original Mix) - Albuquerque & Lostin [Electronic Groove Records]

13. Monsters (Touchtalk Remix) - Circle of Life [Sounds of Earth]

14. Darkness (Original Mix) - Max Averbach [Electronic Tree]

15. Space Fields (Original Mix) - Stereo Underground [Lost & Found]

16. Serpent (Original Mix) - Hynamo [Digital Diamonds]

17. Lost You, Found You (Original Mix) - Xiasou & Contribute Translation [Inner Shah Recordings]

18. Project Reality (Original Mix) - John Noizz [Balkan United]

19. Little Bullet (Mac's Ricochet Mix) - Spooky [wasP Records]

Expect something different, and you'll get good music with less hassle..


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