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Hailing from Vancouver, Jordan Gill is a DJ and Producer who's created his distinct, dark and heavy progressive sound by producing and mixing only the best tracks in the underground progressive, progressive techno, and melodic techno scene. His live sets have received support incredible from renowned international DJ's across the globe.

2020 is a year Jordan finally exposes his original productions to the world. With releases on ICONYC, Dear Deer Music, Awen Records, Cinematique, WOLD, and Trippy Code, Jordan is climbing the ranks and is sure to be noticed as the year progresses. His tracks have received notable support from the likes of Cristoph, Chus & Ceballos, Paul Thomas, 8Kays, Austin Pettit, Sean & Dee, Dash Berlin, and Yeadon among others. His 'Break' EP with Dear Deer broke into the Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno Releases chart hitting #17. Following this release, his 'Control' EP with Capital Heaven hit the Top 10 Beatport Progressive House Chart reaching #7.

Rohit: Thank you for taking time for this interview and having a chat. How was your day? What does your usual day look like?

Jordan: No worries, thanks for having me. I work full time so a typical day consists of my day job being in real estate and then coming home and working on music whether that's production, mixing, promotion, marketing, or admin tasks. Its definitely a busy schedule with barely any free time during the week but that's how it works.

R: Tell us something about where you grew up? How did you get started with music production and who are some of your inspirations.

J: I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and went to university in Victoria. I got hooked on house music ever since I heard Pryda's classic 'Europa' track back in 2009 when I was in high school. It was the first track I had ever heard in the industry and it was game over - obsession hit. However, it wasn't until 2017 when I started DJ'ing and taking a stab at production. I took an Ableton Live production course at a college here in Vancouver to help me get started and then progressed from there spending hours watching tutorials and other online classes.

Of course, Eric Prydz has always been a massive inspiration to me as he will always be my favourite DJ. As of late, huge influences include Cristoph, Sean & Dee, Paul Thomas, Dyzen, Fuenka, and many others in the underground progressive scene

R: You've come a long way since then with some massive releases on Dear Deer, Capital Heaven and your recent EP on Awen Records. How was your time in Australia? You played some great parties there before you moved back to Vancouver.

J: Thanks ! Australia was amazing to say the least - the club scene there is absolutely nuts. Everyone loves the underground progressive and techno genres and crowds are full of so much energy. I had never played to a crowd like that before it was epic. Over the short three months, I played gigs in Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast and I would say Melbourne was definitely the top city to play at. The country itself is probably my favorite place I've travelled to due to its beauty and incredible coastlines with top class surfing spots. Following close behind music, surfing is one of my favorite activities to do so with that and music, I will definitely be returning to Australia in the near future.

R: Some of the most promising artists come from Australia. My recent favorite being GMJ & Matter and Zankee.

Once nightlife resumes, what do you think the scene will look like in Vancouver? You think this is a good time to create a musical shift so bring more progressive sound to the city?

J: Honestly, it will probably continue where it left off. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a progressive scene here in Vancouver - it is mostly filled with tech house and other commercial genres. It would definitely be a good time to push more progressive and melodic techno to the city. Booking reputable artists in those genres and holding more local events would be great and I will try as best I can to push for that. Vancouver needs a much better underground scene that diversifies to the music I play.

R: If given a chance to pick a club/city to play an all night long set, which one would it be and why?

J: Id probably have to go with Revolver in Melbourne. The club is one of a kind that is open from Friday - Sunday straight and an all night set creeping into the daylight hours would be unreal. I never had the chance to play there so this would be a lifetime opportunity. Attended the club a few times and loved it.

R: That sounds pretty exciting. I'll be present, center front, full support. What are your plans for remainder of 2020 and 2021? Got few releases planned out?

J: Love that! My Cataclysmic EP with Awen Records is my last for 2020 but my next release is with Cinematique which drops fresh in the New Year on January 3rd. Its a two track EP that is focused more in the melodic techno genre. One of the tracks, 'Controversy,' was supported by Cristoph in his Consequence of Society podcast, including it in episode 012. Other than that just grinding in the studio trying to finish off a couple more bits and pumping out more 'Dark Content' episodes every couple weeks!

R: Congrats on early support from the progressive heavyweight. Can't wait to hear the full EP. Thank you for taking time for the interview. It was a great catch up.

J: Thanks you. No worries, anytime.

Check out Jordan's recent mix for Doogie Mustard's Progressive Epidemic Show on Sutaro Sounds last week along with Andre Moret.

Jordan Gill - Progressive Epidemic Guest Mix

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