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CONNECT w/ Juliane Wolf

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Soundscape presents CONNECT, a very special series where we get in touch with some of the stars from progressive house - trance scene to give us some insights about their music, production, studio, their life and maybe some random banter.

For the 1st episode we had a privilege to chat with one of the rising star in progressive house scene and owner of Wizarding Wolf Record Label, Juliane Wolf who is currently based in Netherlands.

Rohit: Thank you for taking time for this little chat from your busy schedule.

Juliane: same goes for me, thanks for the invite

R: How are things going on your end during these days? What are you doing today and your plans for the week?

J: Like for many others the last months have been a tough time for me. My mom got Covid and I couldn’t see her for a long time. Luckily, she is fine again and we are all very happy about that. Today I spent working on a new track and also uploading my live stream video for Burning man Multiverse which I am very happy about. Plans for the week are to finish the track and to record two more mixes for podcasts.

R: I'm so glad everything is fine on your end. Yes I did see your set for Burning Man, you had a pretty cool setup, especially those fires. I'm looking forward to your mixes.

Tell us something about where you grew up and how that has affected your musical taste and the music you make today.

J: Thank you, very nice! I am happy to have great friends and family who helped me with the setup in the forest and with the fires.

I grew up in a small town in east Germany, and started listening to electronic music when I was studying. I did some radio work and from there went into DJing 'by accident'. Back then I was influenced by the sounds of German acts like Mathias Kaden or Marek Hemmann who grew up near my hometown.

R: .And fast forward to 2020. You are not only DJing but also producing some great music and running your own record label, Wizarding Wolf. How would you describe your journey from 1st release and starting your record label to collaborating with some of the industry leaders?

J: Having a demo accepted by a label and releasing your first EP is an incredible feeling. I am still thankful for all those people who believed in me during my first releases, like Paul Hazendonk and Amber Long who both gave me great platforms for my music. In 2019 I got an idea to create an own platform for my sound and this is how 'Wizarding Wolf' was born. I am really glad how the label evolved so far and having acts like Antrim or Luciano Scheffer as remixers makes me very happy.

R: What was your inspiration behind starting your own record label? Were there any obstacles you had to overcome during the whole process?

J: My inspiration was having my own platform for my sound. Sometimes my music is not the typical progressive or techno sound, but I think as an artist you can have your own sound without sticking to one pattern or genre. so I created Wizarding Wolf. I am still a big fan of progressive which is why this sound will stay as a ‘basement’ for me, but it can also go in different directions like Synthwave or Disco. You can see that in my last release ‘Dark Disco Strings’ – the original track with disco sounds, completed by one beautiful prog remix by Weird Sounding Dude and another by Sean McClellan who sticks more to the original, even more driving and groovy.

I really appreciate the support by all artists like Nick Warren or Sasha, Lonya, Darin Epsilon, Anthony Pappa to name a few..

R: ‘Dark Disco Strings’ is very funky. Love that track. Forming a label is definitely a great platform to showcase your unique sound and gain support from the industry leaders like you mentioned. It helps you get out there in the global scene. What are some of the projects/collaborations you are working on at the moment?

J: Right now I am working on a collaboration with Hot TuneiK, a producer I follow for longer already. During quarantine he asked me to work on a collab and I happily said yes. Also I am working on a track for a compilation of my booking agency Origin Presents – details will follow soon.

R: I've been listening to Hot TuneiK for some time now, I really love his groove. Looks like you got quite a few things planned for the remainder of the year. Not to forget our guest mix which will be released on Monday.

Thank you Juliane for taking time for this chat. Before I let you go, what's the message you'd like to give to other artists?

J: Thanks, it was really nice having a chat!

To other artists: Never give up, try to make music as often as you can, always be kind to each other, and apart from that, keep distance and wash your hands :)





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